Appricot And Saffron Skin Bhrightning Face Scrub

Nature Leaf Apricoat and Saffron Skin Brightning Face Scrub infused with Licorise Extract .This Scrub clear spots and lighten the skin tone which helps to enhance skin complexion. Enriched with Saffron , it helps blood circulation of skin it hydrates and soften the skin leaving your skin with fresh glow .It has lightning effect on your skin .It will help you to get rid of tan .It removes dead skin cell and removes dirt completely . Vitamin E reduce inflammation and makes your skin look younger. Licorice is main ingredient in this scrub has lightning and brightening effect on skin and control the oil .Licorise Extract is powerful anti-aging and skin-soothing properties. It reduces the effects of sun damage and free radicals.It gives you Acne and Pimples free skin and brings the softness on face .It leaves noticeable shining and glowing effect on skin
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