Nutriglow Aha Fruit Facial Kit & 1 Green Apple Toner

"AHA Fruit Facial Kit: -You are sure to get healthy, glowing and clear skin after a facial with the AHA Fruit Facial Kit. This pack contains all that you need for a fruit facial, giving you salon-like results. Green Tea Toner: - Super-effective astringent toner without the drying effect of alcohol. Astringent Green Tea helps shrink enlarged pores while the glycolic acid helps skin renewal and clarity. Toning process take place after cleansing your face and before applying any mositurizer. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of green tea combined with the antiseptic qualities of the tea tree oil helps keep your skin clean, clear and spot-free. It also leaves you with a bright, radiant complexion. It helps re-hydrate the face and restore the skin's natural acid mantle as well as balance the skin's natural pH levels. It is rich in vitamin C and E, which are both powerful anti-oxidants that nourish, moisturize, smoothen, brighten and exfoliate the skin AHA naturally exfoliates the skin, helps loosen and remove outer layer of dead skin cells, blackheads and minor scars.
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