Nutriglow Neem And Tulsi Facial Kit & 1 Green Apple Toner

"Neem & Tulsi Facial Kit: - Neem & Tulsi Facial Kit, You skin is one of the primary way toxins get into your body and one product that can help you clear the toxins and wash away the impurities from your skin is NutriGlow Neem & Tulsi Facial Kit. Suitable for men and women to protect their skin from environmental hazards, this facial treatment is enriched with unique ingredients like Neem, Tulsi, turmeric and Haridra. Use over normal to dry skin and feel the instant difference in the way your skin feels. The unique formulation of this premium kit from NutriGlow, seals in all the essential moisture that your skin needs and reduces the size of your pores for even toned and clear skin. Don t stay away from a good cleansing routine because of dry skin. Flaunt cleansed skin that feels soft and supple with this NutriGlow Neem and Tulsi Facial Kit and revel in all the compliments about your naturally glowing skin. Green Apple Toner:Green Apple Toner has a great anti -ageing & antioxidants properties which keeps your skin elastic and youthful for long owing to its dense vitamin content, Green apple helps in maintaining your skin & has great whitening and nourishing effects on your complexion. It helps preventing various skin diseases caused by the lack of essential vitamins. Green Apple is a highly effective anti-acne treatment as well. Regular use of NutriGlow Green Apple Tone helps to control and prevent pimple eruptions. Ingredients: Green Apple Extracts, Rose Water, Glycerin, Grape extracts, Preservatives
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