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What is

As a matter of fact, we already know that the Indian shopping market and culture is female dominant. So, if you are dealing in the manufacturing of fashion garments, designing of fashion garments, retail or wholesale business of apparels and are planning to expand and take your business to a next level, is your destination. The impact of e commerce is really dominating around the globe.

E-commerce has revolutionized the shopping experience. has similarly revolutionized the online apparel shopping experience. This is very interesting to all the women. – owned by Jagdamba Enterprises, is a leading online fashion store e-commerce marketplace.

The common feature of all the marketplaces is that the products or the services are provided by multiple third party vendors to the buyers and the transactions are processed by the marketplace. also follows the B2C (Business to Consumer) model approach i.e it connects the sellers and buyers. Many new vendors have to understand the difference between goods and services when dealing in e-commerce field. is specifically trending for it’s women apparels. Anybody who owns or designs apparels, deals in manufacturing of fashion garments and fabrics can start selling on There are vast business opportunities on for wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers who deal in fashion garments by becoming sellers on by the seller registration process.

Customers choose to shop on when they are looking for a wide range and categories of products. is continuously evolving.

The rating of app has also been great.

Who Can Become Seller?

Anyone dealing in fabrics or fashion garments can start selling on Below are specifically mentioned profiles:

Manufacturer of fashion garments
Retailer of fashion garments
Fashion Designers
Fabric Dealers, Manufacturers and Retailers.
Handloom Products Dealers, Manufacturers and Retailers.
Anyone thinking to start a business related to fashion garments, can enroll for seller registration.

Documents Needed To Register On Seller Portal

Before getting yourself registered on seller central, you will have to keep the below documents ready in advance. These documents are to be submitted in the email.

GST Number
PAN Card
Address Proof
Cancelled Cheque
A Current / Savings account in bank
Brand authorization letter in case of Branded Products Seller Registration Process

The seller account registration is absolutely free. There are no registration fees. So no need to make any payments here.

The seller account can be created easily through seller registration process with the below simple steps:

Step 1:  For seller registration, email to

Include all the details regarding your business eg – category of products you wish to sell, business details, Contact Details and if possible, include the documents also in this email, so that the registration process becomes faster.

Step 2: You will receive a reply from within 2 business days. The email will give details regarding the Marketplace Fees Structure of There will be a pdf sheet attached for reference of vendor terms and conditions and marketplace fees. So read the mail carefully. Incase you wish to join as a Seller then reply to this email for registration.

Step 3: You will receive a reply from with Seller registration link. You need to register on Seller Reigstration link and reply to this email. Once all the details are sent, will verify the details and revert back with Seller Panel Login Link and guidelines to upload the product images and .csv file.

So in this way, users can easily register as a seller on and start selling on easily with the seller login details.

That’s it. You are now all set for a seller account and start the work in it.

The next step is to start uploading your products.  To upload products, you have to click on the Products > Add New. You can also upload bulk items using excel sheets.

Benefits of Selling on Seller Panel

Brand Exposure

Registering as a seller on will provide you and your brand a unique identity. Not everyone might be aware about your brand and products, but in, once your items are listed, your brand can get popularity instantly. is hugely popular. As has a well built customer base, the products that sellers list on the marketplace are seen by a huge number of customers. Your brand will become popular among the visitors of

There are multiple manufacturers and retailers who sell on So, one can expand their network by selling on Brand name will be built and also can become famous among the users.

So once registered as a seller, instant access to potential customers will boom your brand.

Customer Base

Selling on will instantly provide you with a huge number of customers without marketing. Access to different types of people As is popular, there is a customer base already built. So the seller need not involve any marketing campaigns to promote their products.

Brand Protection

While registering for seller, one needs to submit a brand authorization letter. So there are no fake or duplicated brands on Sellers must have to protect their brand as they want to reach to maximum audience. If the seller is having a trademark number then it is very good to submit it whenever case logs are created for Brand infringement.

Increased Sales and Higher Profits

Due to huge customer base and brand exposure, your sales are gonna rise. As more people will view your products, it will simply increase your sales. Their key for more sales is the huge customer base.

On the other side, there will be cuts in expenses such as warehousing, office/shop rent, electricity bill, salary of employees etc. Sellers don’t have to perform marketing, seo, or promotion of their products. It is managed by

So, your expenses will get lower and sales will get higher, in this way profit will increase.

Smooth Workflow

What issues most of the business owners of fashion garments face is – the workflow. Inventory management, warehousing are also some of the issues. provides a smooth workflow. When an order is placed by the customer, The notification is sent to the seller. Depending upon the inventory the seller can enter the stock details.

The seller can ship accordingly. So the entire cycle right from when the order is placed to the customer receiving the items is hassle free and smooth. The seller panel makes the processing of orders very clean and smooth.

Top 5 Reasons Seller Support is Best Advantage

Helps in Document Processing

In the initial phase, there are a few documents to be processed before start selling on seller support team helps in processing the documents. Once those documents are submitted, there is a possibility that they need to be re-submitted due to some issues or errors, but the seller support team helps out and makes the process a lot easier.

Helps in setup of seller account

Once seller platform registration process is to be made before starting to sell on One can contact the support team if they have any questions related to the setup of the seller account. To to get started with the seller registration process, they will provide all the necessary details.

Order Processing in Seller Dashboard

New sellers are naive to the Seller Panel. There are various statuses that have to be processed daily in order to process the order. seller helpline can be contacted for more information.

Helps in listing products

If you are new to and find it difficult to upload the products or having difficulty in managing the dashboard, you can contact the seller support team. They will help out in all the steps.

For seller queries please write to